About Us

Our Vision

Jesuit University of Eastern Africa will be the best university in Africa and the best university for Africa. It will develop compassionate, ethical and innovative leaders with the capability and courage to build a more just and humane society.

Our Mission

The Jesuit University of Eastern Africa offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs that prepare men and women to become leaders who serve the needs of East Africa with an informed understanding of the regions local and global context. It educates students from all social classes and diverse backgrounds, as unique and gifted individuals. Showing a preferential option for talented disadvantaged students, it combines high academic standards with a commitment to faith, justice, and social service in the Jesuit tradition. The Jesuit University of Eastern Africa strives for excellence in teaching, in research focused on issue of importance to Africa and in outreach to the community.

Our Values

Academic Excellence

We are committed to high standards of teaching and learning as well as support for faculty research and scholarship.

Primacy of Students

We place the needs of students first and strive to make all our activities student-centered.

Cura Personalis

We make cura personalis, the Jesuit principle of care for the person, a characteristic of everything we do. We display a concern for individual needs and the development of the talents and potentialities of each student.

Faith and Justice

We emphasize economic justice, community service, and Catholic social teaching, particularly on preferential love for the poor, that is focused on the needs of Eastern Africa.

Respect for Diversity

The dignity of all persons is core to our belief system. To echo the words of Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, “We reach out to all not to bring others God, but to find God in others.” The Jesuit University of Eastern Africa will be distinctively Jesuit in welcoming all persons who are open and able to contribute to this vision, whatever their culture, economic status, faith background, or gender.


We are committed to professionalism in order to achieve excellence and transparency in operations and proper management of both human and financial resources.

Local and Global Orientation

We value both the local and the global, focusing on the needs of Eastern Africa while preparing students to play a role in today’s interconnected world.

For more information about the Jesuits in Eastern Africa you can visit : www.easternafricajesuits.org


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