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The JUEA family congratulates and wishes well Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, S.J., upon his appointment as the new Principal of Hekima College.Prior to this Fr. Orobator was the Provincial of Eastern Africa Province of the Society of Jesus (AOR).We are indebted to his diligent leadership and support which have brought JUEA project thus far. He remains a full-time member of the core planning team of JUEA. Asante sana (Thank you very much), Bator!!!

We also congratulate Fr. Jerome Manyahi, S.J., a member of the core planning team of JUEA, upon successful completion of his PhD in physics at Loyola College, Chennai, India.His doctoral dissertation was "The Logical Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics: The Role of Probability Theory in the Description of Quantum Reality."Hongera (Congratulations), Jerome!!!

The Newsletter Articles Issue No. 6

JUEA: Striving Higher Still

By Fidelis Udahemuka, S.J.

In the last few months, I have been privileged to visit and interact with students from the five Jesuit high schools in Eastern Africa. Their desire for transformative education has been a source of encouragement to the JUEA team as we work towards establishing a university that will develop leaders with the capability to build a more just and humane society Read More

JUEA Gets Cardinal's Nod

By Boniface Okumu, S.J.

The Cardinal assures the JUEA team and AOR Jesuits of his blessings and support for the university project.In his letter of support to Fr. General Adolfo Nicolas, S.J, Cardinal Njue stated, "Education remains a need and a priority for the development of Eastern Africa..." Read More

Edging Closer To Reality

By Fr. Ron Anton, S.J

Once again I have the pleasure of returning to Nairobi to help the team headed by Fr. Fidelis Udahemuka, S.J work on the proposed Jesuit University in the Eastern Africa. It is always a delight to return to Kenya and help with this worthy project. One can feel the university getting closer to reality each visit. Read More

JUEA: Promised Land In The Horizon

By Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, S.J

Once upon a time, the idea of a Jesuit university in Eastern Africa seemed like a daydream, some would even say just fantasy. With every passing day over the last 6 years that dream is gradually evolving into reality. Read More

...Expecting Ten More Talents

By Fr. Joseph Oduor Afulo, S.J

I am deeply grateful to my predecessor, Fr. Orobator, SJ who kept JUEA project on track even with several other responsibilities on his shoulders. Now that his burden is eased, he will definitely put his heart and horse-energy in advancing the process of realization of this important apostolate of the Society in Africa. Read More

Jesuit Heritage

By Tobias Dindi, S.J

St. Ignatius stripped himself of his expensive clothing, and gave it to the beggar. Similarly, St. Peter Claver spent his Jesuit life with mistreated slaves in Colombia, instructing them in the Christian faith and tending to their material needs. The Jesuit model of education follows a similar path: it opens our minds and eyes to the world. Read More

Being a Jesuit Student

By Edith Michael and Walter Basil Mbakile

My first day of primary school took place at a Jesuit School. That was eight years ago. I was a tiny kid, who never cared much about school. Fortunately, my parents knew what a good education was and where to get it. That's how I found myself at St. Ignatius Prep and Primary School in Dodoma, Tanzania; a Jesuit School where all aspects of life were taken care of. Read More

Empowered to Empower

By Grace Simon

I am a student at Ocer Campion Jesuit College in Gulu, Uganda. I am in senior three. My ambition is to become a lawyer because I want to help fight the injustices in this world. At Ocer we are taught that we are "Men and Women for Others." I therefore want to become a role model to other women and enable them know that both men and women are equal. Read More


Dear Santa, I pray that you...Read More



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